Recreation, sports & tourism

Recreation, sports & tourism

As you look towards your careers, that may include various aspects of RST (recreation, sports & tourism), event planning will likely be a major component of your day-to-day work. In RST (recreation, sports & tourism), we are in the business of creating and managing peoples experiences across the industry. Leisure is often framed as discretionary time and money, where you event will be a choice among many. Major marketing considerations need to be addressed in order to help ensure that your event, activity, or tourist destination remain at the forefront of consumers minds when deciding to purchase.

Imagine you are the director of the Visitors Bureau in Los Angeles, where the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be hosted. This is a major sporting event that will draw large tourist crowds and include every aspect of the city. Consider the following:

What are the accessibility concerns you will need to address in preparing for the Games?
Who/what are your major stakeholders?
What collaborations will you need to consider ensuring that your city is accessible to the visitors that will travel to LA for the Games?
What will be your greatest challenges?
Besides individuals with apparent physical disabilities, what other groups will you need to consider in planning for this event?
What are the accessibility benefits to the city of Los Angeles beyond the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games? Is there a lasting legacy?
What is a proposed timeline for the next 5 years and 10 years as the city of Los Angeles prepares to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games?

This will be a large undertaking and need to consider accommodations, public transportation, signage and the countless tourist attractions in LA, just to name a few, that will create an enjoyable LA experience.

I am not expecting this to be a completely solidified proposal or finalized timeline of what needs to be done but you will need to begin to think through the aspects that will need to considered as cities and communities host mega events and the tourism considerations that need to be made in terms of inclusion and accessibility. You will be required to show that you have thought through various aspects of this undertaking and display an incorporation of class materials into your write-up.