Issues Management Exercise

Issues Management Exercise The U.S. Supreme Court declares in June 2015 that all Americans have a constitutional right to marriage, including same-sex couples. Kim Davis, clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, repeatedly defied a court order to issue licenses to all eligible couples, gay or straight, citing religious objections to same sex marriage. The confrontation sets […]

Political Issue

Essay, you will investigate a political issue of interest to voters in the U.S. Read the instructions and guidelines below carefully and review the grading rubric before submitting your work. Instructions: Find a NEWS article that addresses a current political issue of concern to voters in t U.S. There are numerous possibilities, such as immigration, election interference, trade, […]

Collaborative Crisis Intervention

This is two assignments with different due dates. The discussion is due by Tuesday night or no later than Wednesday morning 11 am. The assignment is due by Saturday morning or no later than midnight on Saturday. Week 5: Collaborative Crisis Intervention Think about the last time you collaborated with others to accomplish a common […]


Why is it that black men don’t vote and they believe their votes don’t count. I’d like a few talking points on this topic.

Advocacy Essay

Background: Working with your field instructor, identify a social problem that is common among the organization (or its clients) and research current policies at that state and federal levels that impact the social problem. Then, from a position of advocacy, identify methods to address the social problem (i.e., how you, as a social worker, and […]


Find a company that you think has ethics, social responsibility, or environmentally sustainable polices that directly contribute to its competitive advantage. Be specific about how such policies contribute to the firm’s competitive advantage. Include at least one reference. Be sure to perform an independent analysis; do not post an analysis done by someone else (i.e., a […]

Integrative Essay

instructions: Please compose a 4-5-page essay responding to one of the two essay prompts below, drawing on course themes, lectures, films, and readings. Be sure to cite specific concepts, ideas, quotations, and examples in building your arguments. The best essays will reference key readings and ideas while demonstrating original thinking in answering the questions. Your […]

Needs Assessment Surveys

To Prepare Imagine that you are creating a needs assessment for the professional issue or interest you identified in this week’s Discussion. Develop an operational definition for the construct you will need to measure (e.g., “job satisfaction”). Then, construct a 10-item survey to measure this construct. Your survey questions should be measurable and based on […]

Current Event

You must cite from what newspaper your article comes. If your submission is from a website be sure to include the entire URL. Any widely adapted citation form is acceptable. Explain how the article you have selected relates to the topics covered in lecture and the readings from this week of the course. Part of […]


1. For this discussion topic, you will need to research storage virtualization and its benefits. Your initial post should focus on what benefits exist from virtualizing the storage attached to the hypervisor. 2. or this discussion topic, you will need to research network virtualization and examine the resources you find carefully. While most of the […]