This assessment piece simulates preparation for and responding to an application for a graduate registered nurse position. The focus is to demonstrate your understanding of two specific leadership roles. One of being an advocate and the other, delegation as a graduate registered nurse.

The task is in 2 parts. (need transcript for video recording).

Written  Essay: Part A.

You have applied for a graduate nurse position. As part of the application, you are being asked to write a paper that addresses all parts of the task below. Refer tothe CRA for further guidance.

• Explain why being an advocate and delegating care are leadership roles in nursing and explain why these leadership roles are expected of the graduateregistered nurse.

• Critically discuss 2 (in total) patient care outcomes (eg. patient safety) that may occur as a result of effective and/or ineffective delegation of care.

Video Recording: Part B.

You are being interviewed for a graduate registered nurse position via avideo link. Your question is:

• You are working in a busy medical adult hospital ward environment, please identify and describe 2 (in total) different workplace or workforce types of advocacy that you may be expected to engage in as a graduate registered nurse to bring about change as a beginning leader. Describe the outcome you would aim to achieve for both examples.

This part must be in the format of a video recording of 2-3 minute (no longer). As in any interview, there is no requirement for evidence or referencing. You must respond as if in an interview with no reading from a script or looking off camera.

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