Universities and the NCAA continue to profit off of collegiate athletics and athletes themselves. The NCAA’s
position is that the athletes are receiving an education in return as well as some student-athletes receiving
money for the cost of attendance.
1. Is this a fair trade? Why or why not? (10 points)
2. What options and advice would you give to solve this situation? (10 points)
3. With the recent movement in California, Florida, and other states, what do you think is next in regards to this
case? Are we moving as a society in a fair direction for the student-athletes? (10 points)
4. What could happen to the NCAA if student-athletes are to be compensated? What are the ramifications not
only for the NCAA but other stakeholders? (10 points)
5. Finally, if you were a public relations officer for the NCAA, what strategies would you put in place to maintain
your reputation? (10 points)

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