Lecture Exam 3: Microbial Growth Characteristics and the Control of Microbial Growth

Due 12:01 AM Wednesday November 11, 2020



The figure above shows the distribution of various types of microorganisms growing in nutrient agar deep tubes. Explain why the each type of bacteria shown here distribute themselves as indicated in this figure with respect to the oxygen levels at various places in the tube. Also, what is the oxygen insult microorganisms must deal with as a consequence of them using oxygen in their metabolism and what are some of the enzymes they need to deal with this insult. (40 pts.)


The figure above illustrates a typical bacterial growth curve. Explain in detail what is going on in each phase of the bacterial growth cycle with respect to growth/death rates of the culture and nutrient consumption/metabolic waste production. (40 pts.)

3. What are biofilms and why do microorganisms organize themselves into biofilms? (10 pts.)

4. Compare and contrast the direct and indirect methods for evaluating microbial growth.

(10 pts.)

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