This week, you will begin by selecting a topic for the final argumentative essay. This requires research, APA format and content of 1200-1350 words. It may seem a daunting task but step by step, week by week, you will be guided through the process and can achieve success. Below is a list of essays that serve as the beginning point for your final essay . Now, you can change your topic later on if you need, but you are strongly recommended to stick to the topic you pick now. Begin by reviewing the following articles, which relate to many of the majors Keiser University students are pursuing.

What is the author’s thesis? What are his or her major points in the essay? Finally, what do you think is the implications of the author’s argument? Meaning, how does the author want this piece to affect readers or even society? What are your initial reactions to the essay? Consider questions such as whether you agree with the author or not, who the essay benefits most, your personal experiences with the issues in the essay, and what questions come to your mind as you read the article. Consider the strategy the author uses to make the argument. What rhetorical modes or strategies are being most used in this argument?

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