this assignment is due in 7 hours…… must have done in 7 hours…… no late work….. 

Read the attachment powerpoint, and glance through chapters 7 and 8 from the book. 

 1 page

Part 1After reviewing the power point do the following:

1. Reflect upon how one or more of these myths has affected your own view of supervision and your role as a supervisor or future supervisor. Provide detailed examples to support your view-

2. How might these myths affect a staff member’s expectations of the supervisory relationship?

3. How might these myths affect the supervisory role or supervisor-supervisee relationship. Post your initial thread and reply to 3 peers by Sunday- make sure to cite, readings, videos, etc.

Part 2: Discuss 3 takeaways from Chapter 7, Supervisee Development 

use the book attachment and discuss 3 takeaways from the chapter 7 

Part 3: After reading the Case Study in Chapter 8, What aspects of the “Developmental Dynamic” described in Chapter 5 are illustrated in this scenario?

use the book attachment and go to chapter 8 which is the case study 

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