1. Before beginning, you will want to familiarize yourself with the template for the New Testament Bible Study
Assignment. Then, craft an Introduction paragraph (100-120 words) that introduces your chosen passage. Be
sure that this paragraph addresses the major points that will be covered in your template-paper.
2. Conclude the introductory paragraph with a clear and concise Thesis Statement that conveys the overall
emphasis of your New Testament Bible Study Assignment.
3. Choosing the academic formatting style of your degree program, incorporate at least two Citations from
scholarly sources within your introductory paragraph as an example of how to support your content from the
three required sources.
The Rawlings School of Divinity incorporates Turabian style: Turabian Formatting Guide
However, you are welcome to choose the citation format of the academic style best corresponding to your
degree program. Refer to the “Course Policies” in the course syllabus for the formatting expectations in this




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