In your case study/patient profile report you must: 

1. Identify the person (the case/patient), and summarise their family and social history, ensuring you preserve confidentiality (you should use pseudonyms).  

2. Identify the acute presenting issue (reason for hospitalisation/nursing care), risk factors and potential or actual stereotyping.  

3. Evaluate case’s/patient’s health history including its impact on the person’s physical and/or mental functional status. 

Criterion One: Patient Overview 

Identify an older person (the case) (person > 65 years or > 55 years if Australia’s First People). (1) 

Summarise his/her family and social history (3) 

Clearly identifies that confidentiality has been maintained (1) 

Criterion 2: Current Situation 

1. Clearly identifies and briefly discusses the acute presenting issue (reason for hospitalisation/nursing care) (5) 

2. Identifies the contributing risk factors for the presenting condition specifically in relation to ageing and older persons (5) 

3. Identifies potential or actual stereotyping in relation to this older person (5) 

Criterion 3: Health History 

1. Evaluates two (2) comorbidities of the chosen older person (15 marks, 7.5 marks for each health condition) 

2. Evaluates the impact that the person’s situation and comorbidities have on their current physical and/or mental functional status (15 marks, 7.5 marks for each functional status) 

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