Knowledge of health assessment is essential to the registered nurse (RN) role in promoting health, preventing illness and providing professional care for others. After completing this assignment, you will understand the purpose of health assessment in healthcare and how it will be conducted differently depending on the setting and individual traits of the client.

This assignment will also give you further opportunity to develop academic writing skills while exploring topics that are integral to understanding the RN role.

Task Description 

For this task, you need to write an essay of 1200 words, supported appropriately by recent, scholarly literature. In the essay you need to:

• Section A:

1. Define the terms “health” and “assessment” and write a paragraph in which you clearly describe “health assessment” in the context of nursing.

2. Discuss the importance of health assessment in planning and delivering holistic care and give an example of how a nurse would do this.

• Section B:

1. Discuss the purpose of a health assessment from a nursing perspective with reference to a framework such as the Nursing Process or the Clinical Reasoning Cycle.

• Section C:

1. In this section, the process of taking a health assessment is the focus. The two main components of a health assessment are the patient history and the physical examination.

2. Discuss how a health assessment would need to be tailored to the individual patient in 2 (two) of the scenarios below. For each of the 2 (two) chosen scenarios, also identify 4 (four) different aspects of health assessment, including features of the setting, as well as developmental, age-specific information, cultural and/or lifespan factors that may impact the interaction between a nurse and patient

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