Open your Unknown Project and look at your unknown results file. Using the biochemical tests that were used
in your results file you will create generate a unique statement of purpose and a dichotomous key flowchart.
This dichotomous key flowchart will illustrate the plan and should include all 6 possible unknown organisms
and all possible results that may have been seen using the tests provided. You should make your dichotomous
key and statement of purpose either using Word or PowerPoint or you can hand write it on page 256 and take
a picture. The instructions for this are in your lab manual on pages 254 and 255, you should also watch the
short video above. When you are finished upload your document using this portal in an acceptable format
(jpeg, doc, docx, PDF, ppt, pptx). Be sure you include both the Statement of Purpose (worth 1 point) and the
Dichotomous Key Flowchart (worth 3 points). You will be receiving feedback on this document therefore check
“My Grades” once it has been graded for your feedback. Your understanding and completion of Exercise 18 as
a whole is worth a total of 50 points (plus 2 points for the pre-lab).

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