This is the requirements, and I choose the topic to talk about the water resources in the United stated, to talk about how that affects people’s health and global warming,and the government resection on water quality, especially the quality of water is known as really bad in California.(Los angles)  

2) Progress Report:  A. Project Overview:

 • Key question: A (re)iteration of your central question • Thesis statement: A succinct, precise thesis statement addressing your key question • Paper outline specifying the contents of each paragraph, including: o Complete topic sentences for each anticipated paragraph o Supporting sentences: At least 2 descriptive phrases that specify the content of your supporting sentences. Complete sentences are not required. B. Task and Resource Inventory: This can be presented as a bullet point list, spreadsheet or table. • Description of work completed. • Description of planned tasks and timeline. • List of resources that you have on hand and plan to acquire to research and write your paper. C. Annotated Bibliography: Write at least five annotations, four of which must cover peer reviewed  articles or (chapters from) academic press books. You may also annotate primary texts and art  works, if appropriate to your project. Do not annotate websites, blogs or newspaper articles.  *See “Annotated bibliography guidelines” in the bCourses Final Project folder.

(you can found this in the files below.


O1A:  Individual paper. Write an 8-10 page paper on almost any topic addressing a course-related theme in the United States or in an area of U.S. imperial influence.  

 Resources:  See “Getting started and following through”, annotated bibliography guidelines, and example papers in the FP folder on bCourses.

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