For this lab assignment, you will write a 2 page double spaced paper on your favorite biome. You will need to
go through the biome chapter (Chapter 11), look over the different biomes and explain the following
characteristics of one biome that you choose: 1.) Average temperature and precipitation, 2.) Dominant climate
controls (ex. Latitude, land-water heating contrasts, altitude, etc.), 3.) The Koeppen Climate Classifications
found in the biome, 4.) Typical soils found in the biome, 5.) Where in the world you will find this biome, 6.)
Examples of plants and animals that you will find in the biome, 7.) Why it is your favorite biome, and finally 8.) If
you live in the biome or have ever visited the biome, please describe what you thought of it and indicate what
time of year you were there. You don’t need to cite your material, but please be sure to discuss the biome in
your own words. I suggest putting together an outline, and then typing your paper from the outline. All
responses must be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font. Be as specific as possible. Please let me know if
you have any questions. Please upload your completed assignment into the corresponding Lab 11 Biomes
Assignment folder




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