For this assignment, you will identify a topic, locate two articles (one popular, the other scholarly) on that topic and compose an essay comparing the authors’ responses to their respective rhetorical situations. See your notes from class or McGraw-Hill Guide to revisit the concept of rhetorical situation.


To compare and contrast means to take two different subjects, analyze their similarities and differences and then draw conclusions about the findings. A key element of the genre is to find main themes or ideas in two separate written works to compare. How does the author approach the subject? What does s/he have to say about it? How does the author’s points affect the target audience? How do the writers use emotion or character appeals to get the audience to accept the argument?

Rhetorical analysis focuses on the how of an essay rather than the what; in other words, rhetorical analysis is concerned with the strategies a writer uses in an essay rather than the overt subject matter of that essay. Focus upon the authors’ purpose(s), intended audience(s), stance, tone, appeals, arrangement (i.e. structure) and other aspects of their artistry.


The articles I chose are: or

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