Writing assignments will be 2 pages (approx. 500 words).

1. At the top of the page you should include: date, and assignment number. Do a one sentence introduction to the assignment explaining what you’re answering, and a concluding sentence as well. 

2. Format the document with 1in. margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt., double-spaced, put references to all the facts and quotes (author, date). (1 pt for references and citations)

The assignment will go through blind grading, so don’t include your name.

Each prompt section should be one paragraph.  They will be graded for:

  • completion
  • logical argument
  • use of evidence such as course readings and current events
  • coherent writing
  • relevance to the prompt

Answer all of the following questions: 

1)   Summarize the neo-liberal argument for why they believe market-based capitalist “globalization works,” and give one positive example. (2 pts for the summary and 1 pt for the example)

2)  Explain a critique of globalization from ONE of the following perspectives:  religious, anti/anarchist OR environmental. (2 pts) 

3)   Give an example of a problem with globalization that the neo-liberal view misses but the critical ideology you selected in #2 can explain. Does this mean the globalization gap can be fixed in the current system by reform —or does it mean the neo-liberal belief in markets is fundamentally flawed? Explain why or why not (1 pt for the example, and 2 pts for the explanation of fixing/not the gap)

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