A. Draw an objective tree for an automatic tea maker.


B. Draw an objective tree for the following:

If you drive in the state of Florida, you may notice some traffic congestion due to

the trees being trimmed on the state roads and freeways. Assume that the Florida

Department of Transportation is the client. Usually, branches 6 inches or less in

diameter are trimmed. The allowable horizontal distance from the edge of the road

to the branches is 6 ft. The material removed from the trees must be collected and

removed from the roadside. To reduce the cost of trimming, a maximum of only

two workers can be assigned for each machine. The overall cost, which includes

equipment, labor, etc., needs to be reduced by at least 25% from present cost. The state claims that the demand for your machines will follow the price reduction

(i.e., if you are able to reduce the cost by 40%, the demand will increase by 40%).

Allowable working hours depend on the daylight and weather conditions.

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