Create Your Own Political Party Project (100 points)
A. Create your own political party (name). Come up with a “platform” that outlines and defines the philosophy of your party (10pts.). Include the platform on the paper and brochure.
B. Write a short synopsis of your party’s stance on each of the following “issues.” Make sure they are ranked in order of importance to your party!!!. Make sure the reader knows exactly how your party feels about that particular issue and how (if your party was in power) you would deal with each of the issues (60 pts.).
1. COVID-19
2. Gun Control (Right to bear arms? Any limitations? Background Checks? Guns in public places – Ohio?)
3. Abortion (Right to life? Freedom of Choice? Support Roe v. Wade? Cases of Rape/threat to mother?)
4. Healthcare (Who should provide it; government or private sector? What are the pros and cons of each? )
5. Same-Sex Marriage (Marriage legal for all? 1 man, 1 woman? Violation of moral/religious beliefs? Tax breaks for married couples?)
6. Climate Crisis
7. Immigration (Amnesty? Earned Citizenship? Enforce current laws and deport? Anchor babies? Businesses that hire illegals?)
8. Police Reform
9. Economy/Taxes (Lower taxes give businesses more money to hire more workers? Increase taxes, esp. for businesses/wealthy, so government can provide more jobs/services?)
10. Any Issue affecting students at High School/remote learning.
C. Create a slogan, political poster for your party. Include party name & top 5 issues (30 pts).

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