CHYS1000 – Assignment #4
This workshop is based on the written assignment assigned article. Based on the information provided in the introduction (first three pages of the article, up until the Methods section) answer the following:
1.      What has research examining how social media use affects well-being in healthy youth found (4 marks)? (½page to 1 page limit, double spaced)
2.      The assigned article outlines recent studies that describe two important factors that may help explain how social network sites (SNS) use can induce stress and negative emotions.
·         List the two factors and explain how each can induce stress and negative emotions (4 marks). ( ½ page to 1 page limit, double spaced)
3.      Based on the information you have reviewed, what type of policies could or should social network sites implement to reduce user stress and or the amount of negative emotions experienced by the user (2 marks)?  (in about ½ page, double spaced)


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