Introduction to Qualitative Research and Searching Databases for Meta-analysis or Meta-synthesis.

Purpose: Identify the steps of the Qualitative Research Process. Recognize different types of quantitative studies. Demonstrate how to search for a meta-analysis or meta-synthesis. MLO 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

Provided Evidence: see attach article below

Article title: The COPD Exacerbation Experience: A Qualitative Descriptive Study

Part I – Critical Analysis (62%)

Qualitative research is a systematic approach used to describe experiences and situations from the perspective of persons in the situation. The qualitative research process follows the same general steps as the quantitative research process but is based on different philosophical values and assumptions.

Answer the following questions using the provided evidence

What is the research problem/what is the gap in knowledge?
What are the aims of the study?
What is the study’s design?
How were data collected?
Was audiotaping and coding used in the study?
What was the mean age of the participants?
What was the main theme and what were the six subthemes?
The study’s findings indicated that participants experienced an illness prodrome how many days prior to the onset of an acute exacerbation?
Name one study limitation.
What level of evidence is this article based on the Hierarchy of Evidence?
List the reference for this article in correct APA format.

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