For this assignment, you will explore the controversy surrounding one issue related to energy resources. Three examples that you may choose from include

1) Offshore oil drilling

2) Hydraulic fracturing

3) Expansion of nuclear energy

You may choose another issue, but it must be related to energy resources and must be approved by me by 5:00pm on Wednesday, November 11th.


Once you have chosen an issue to research, you will write a brief paper defending your position on this controversial issue. Your paper should include a short summary of the controversy that describes both side of this issue. Then, you will state and support and argument that describes your position on this issue. You must include at least two scientific sources (i.e., journal articles, etc) to support your position, and these sources should be cited using the APA format. Be sure to include in-paper citations whenever you refer to work from your outside sources and a works cited at the end.


Your discussion of the controversy surrounding one current issue in energy resources may not exceed 2 pages (the Works Cited section is not included in this page limited). Margins may be no less than 0.75”, font must be 11pt. or larger, and your document should be single-spaced. If your assignment exceeds 2 pages (not including the works cited), you will not receive full credit.

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