This is a 1,250 word assignment (roughly 5 pages). 

I have decided not to create a rigid rubric for this paper. Instead, I have uploaded a pdf with some thoughts about how to write a Reformation Theology paper. There are a number of different questions in that essay. You cannot possibly ask and answer all of the questions there – but go ahead and work on a couple that you find really interesting. What I’m trying to do is give you the maximum amount of freedom to work on the questions/concerns that interest you.

The text that I want you to write on is Argula von Grumbach’s open letter to the University of Ingolstadt. I have given you the long introduction to the text. You should read the introduction for background, but I want your paper to focus on her letter. It is at the end of the PDF. It is not super long, but it is packed with information.  Examine that with the same detail that you examined the Sermon at Clermont. This is not a sermon, but it was still meant to be an “agent of change.” It was a public letter, meant to influence people. 

To help you get to know Argula better, I have also uploaded the chapter on her from Carter Lindberg’s The Reformation Theologians. I have also given you a short article on women’s voices in the Reformation, to help add some context.

I am hoping you will all take the opportunity to dive deep into this source and have some fun with it. 

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