This is a group assignment. Your part is answering Q1 and Q2 in part two and writing two to four sentences for part one as an exclusive summary which only related to Q1 and Q2.
This assignment is a recruitment brochure similar to the Product Disclosure Statement. Your group is planning to raise capital from prospective investors, with the objective of investing their capital to generate excess returns (i.e. alpha). You are required to design a trading plan supported with academic literature and/or industry reports to achieve this objective. In your report, please CLEARLY address the following questions with the support of academic literature and/or industry-related research reports (search information based on current market conditions).
Q1 What markets instruments and timeframes will our fund focus on?
– What markets would you invest in and why: we choose Chinese market.
– What would you invest and why: ETF (SSE 50 Index) and 2-year national debt
– Time frame focus: Holding up to 2 years (Prove your time frame by combining your trading market and assets or trading strategy)
Q2 What trading strategies will we employ?
– Diversified fund
– How to allocate your money in the assets: 60% SSE 50 Index, 40% 2-year national debt and 10% cash
Further requirements and clarifications are uploaded. I uploaded a template as well. Make sure you go through it. You need to analyze the advantages of each choice we made, maybe add some comparison to make it more visible.

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