A. School is considered to be stressful environment where children are always under pressure. As we
discussed, Kimii’s Constructivisum attempts to make this setting far more enjoyable and learning friendly than
stressful. First, explain Kamii’s Constructivisum and elaborate how it differs from Piaget’s theory. Second, come
up with a (1) scenario, not mentioned in the book, that utilizes Kimmi’s theory. For example, teaching fractions
by sharing a pizza pie. Lastly, take a position on Kamii’s constructivism and discuss if this is ideal for all
children or are there
B. Jenny is a single mother of three children, does everything for her children in order to have them develop as
a “perfect adult.” She teaches, buys everything they want, and gives them detail explanations of cause-andeffect on problems they encounter. Using your knowledge of Piaget/Vygotsky, please identify what theory
Jenny applies in the raising of her children. Second, what are the benefits of Jenny assisting in her children’s
development. Lastly, identify and negatives that may impact the children’s development do to her assistance.

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