1. Define Perception and Salience. Take a moment to look around wherever you are right now. Take in the perceptual field around you. What is salient for you in this moment and why? Explain the degree of salience using the three reasons for salience discussed in this section.

2. Define schemata. Think about some of the schemata you have that help you make sense of the world around you. For each of the following contexts—academic, professional, and personal—identify a schema that you commonly rely on or think you will rely on. For each schema you identified,  note a few ways that it has already been challenged or may be challenged in the future.

3. Define the Primacy effect and Recency effect?  Describe a situation in which you believe the primacy and/or recency effect influenced your perceptions of a person or event.

4. What is the Self-Discrepancy Theory?  Discuss at least one time in which you had a discrepancy or tension between two of the three selves described by self-discrepancy theory.  What effect did this discrepancy have on your self-concept and/or self-esteem?

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