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The second stage of our course-long project introduces your quantitative forecasting model of the 2020
election. The paper asks you to think about the concepts we have discussed so far in the course, and to
evaluate which concepts, ideas, theories, or approaches to voting are going to be most and least important to
the outcome of the election. Using real data you gather from a variety of sources, including statewide surveys,
national indicators, and other sources, you will build your model in Excel and discuss its predictions.
The paper will incorporate references (APA format) to the literature on the subject that you have read so far in
class, as well as at least 3 peer-reviewed scholarly sources from outside of the assigned class materials. If
you’d like to reference articles, polling results, etc. that relate to the current state of the 2020 election, that’s
fine, but it’s also not a requirement.


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