Research question: Why does prison reform impact minorities more?
• Identify an area of interest using the SLU library to review existing
articles in this area.
• Read the article abstract and conclusion. This will provide ideas and suggestions for your topic and research
• Literature Review Topics should be relevant to the students’ research project and should be narrowed down
so that the student is able to research the topic within the time-frame of the 8-week course.
• Be sure to move from a nominal topic:
How does your research topic relate to human services?
What do you think are some of the causes and effects as it relates to the human condition and/or society of this
problem or phenomenon?
Identify the independent and dependent variables.
Discussion post 2:
Explain why there are ethical dilemmas in research as it relates to protecting vulnerable clients and withholding
treatment and identify the types of experimental designs that withhold treatment as a means to compare the
effectiveness of an intervention. Identify and discuss two NOHS standards that specifically address ethical
decisions in research?
Ethics: pg. 66-70 Textbook
Assignment Instructions: Please review the Tuskegee Syphilis Study video and article about the experiment
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