My response is about Cinderella and the adaptation novel ella enchanted. I have copy and pasted the rubric below. You will read or watch an adaptation or homage to either a fairy tale or Pride and Prejudice (choosing from the provided list, (or submitting one for my approval) and then write a 5-7 page paper examining how the text functions as an interpretation of the story. This is not a comparison-and-contrast paper: I do not want you to provide me with an itemized list of how the adaptation changes or preserves plot and character details from the original novel. Rather, you are analyzing how the adaptation understands the original text in relation to and expanding upon the various critical viewpoints that we examined in class. For example, in the essay we read about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the essay author discusses how zombieism and zombie-hunting is used as a metaphor to explore marriage and the limitations placed upon women in the original novel, arguing that Pride and Prejudice has a conservative ending. Longbourn, meanwhile, takes a critical stance towards the novel that emphasizes its materialist concerns and classism. Doing well on this project will require you to be familiar not only with your chosen adaptation but also with the fairy tale/Pride and Prejudice, and I expect you to think critically about the various connections between the two works. The paper should be in MLA format (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman size 12, black ink, numbered pages, and proper headings and citations). Papers that do not meet the minimum page count will not be accepted and will receive a 0%. Below I have included a list of adaptations you can choose from along with brief descriptions of them. You are welcome to suggest another adaptation pending my approval.

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