It is the student’s responsibility (and judgment) to provide an appropriate amount of content to support and develop the thesis statement.
Use the article provided in the pictures.
No outer source should be used.
Practice close and critical reading of primary sources.
Recognize the relationship between a document and its historical context, and apply this to the analysis.
Craft a clear and concise argument that expresses a unique stance on the value/meaning of the source material.
Times New Roman 12pt font. Double Spaced. Page numbers in top right of page.
CMS style footnotes and bibliography for ALL assignments. (does not count for paper length).
SEPARATE Title Page, including the title of the essay, your name, student number, instructor name, course and date of submission.
Carefully select quotes and only use them when the author’s SPECIFIC words are necessary to prove your point. ALL QUOTES REQUIRE EXPLANATION.
TIP: use separate sentences for evidence and explanation, to clearly distinguish what your sources say and what you are arguing.
Contextualize the document: what type of source is it, who created it and what does it say? Explain how this context affects the content of the document.
Consider the motivations and priorities of the creator. What in the document can prove your theory about the motives?
IMPORTANT: Think about the chronological context (dates) and how this influences the document/creator. Why is it important for the creator to express these ideas at this particular time?
DO NOT DESCRIBE EVERYTHING. History is about choices and priorities. Use only the evidence that is necessary to defend your thesis statement. No more. No less.
BE VERY EXPLICIT. Why should your reader care about this document and your thoughts about it? What do you want them to know?
Your thesis statement should contain your answer to this question and the reasons for it.
What specific historical information can we draw from the selected text and why is this important for understand that period of European history?
Use the article provided no outer source should be used.
Thesis statement is must.
ALL SOURCES MUST BE PROPERLY CITED, including both quotations and paraphrasing. Never, under any circumstances, use material from a source without acknowledgement. (Don’t trade a minor mistake for an Academic Alert).
Also pleases add the proper footnotes and the bibliography page should be different from other two pages

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