I need help with answering 20 multiple questions in just 20 minutes.The questions will be about the following:Why did the Romans send an expedition to Messana in 264 B.C.
Why did the Carthaginians resolve to recapture Messana?
How long did the Punic Wars war last?
What kind of empire was Carthage?
After Rome went into Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia, where did the Carthaginians go in response?
Why did Hannibal start the second Punic war?
What mountain range did Hannibal cross in his surprise attack on Italy?
For how many years did Hannibal and his troops rampage Italy?
You have to look this up yourselves, but what does Cato’s famous phrase “Carthago delenda est,” mean?
Why did the Third Punic war last so long?
What was Tiberius Gracchus’s main goal when he became Tribune of the People?
What did the rich senators do to Tiberius Gracchus after his attempt at a second Tribunate?
What group dominated in the Senate?
What was most enlightened piece of legislation that Gaius Gracchus authored?
The legislation of the Gracchi (the Gracchus brothers) highlighted problems between what processes?
The creation of Rome as an empire demanded what changes in the army?
What happened to the dispossessed rural poor?
After the time of Marius, the control of what institution was necessary for controlling political power?
What did Sulla march against with his 6 legions that had never been marched against before?
What did Sulla have himself declared after his campaigns in the East?
Please, if you know the information and the answers to these questions, I will then start the assignment and send you the questions with the choices. I will have only 20 minutes to complete it after I start it.Thanks

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