Below I attached the details that my professor wants for the project *you don’t need to interview anyone ( is just optional) *you can choose a company that you worked for as long as the professor can check on the website of the company the benefits offered. * I am a female so in case you choose a company make sure is not construction or any hard labor *the website that is listed below in the description should be used as a guide *looking for a professor that has knowledge of Human Resources and salary /benefits administration Organizations offer a variety of benefits that they hope will attract, retrain and motivate their workforce. The best organizations align their benefits with the strategic mission and vision of the organization. However, in reality, with a changing benefit landscape impacted by shifting demographics, new legislation, a lackluster economy and reductions in expenses, many benefit plans have evolved independently, causing broad misalignment with the strategic mission. You are to select an organization, document the various benefits it offers, and analyze what the benefits the organization offers says about itself. Research Paper Details: Step 1: You are to select an organization – it can be any organization, i.e., the one you work for, one that you have access to from a friend or acquaintance, or one that has much of its information available online (non-profit or higher education) Step 2: Document all the various benefits the organization offers it full-time employees. Use the “SHRM – 2018 Employee Benefits – The Evolution of Benefits” as a guide and create a list of benefits offered and enter specific notes or relevant information. Step 3: Check the specifics of the benefits and document the details that seem important or differentiate the benefit. Step 4: Interview someone in the benefits department of that organization, either in person, by phone or email. Ask them about the benefits offered (if you’re unable to find it all on the website), how the benefits of that organization were developed, and what strategy they believe they have in offering the benefits that they do. If you’re unable to contact someone, its not critical. What is important is that you have the information necessary. Step 5: Write a 2 – 3 page analysis of what you believe the benefits being offered by the organization say to prospective employees. How are they aligned with mission and how are they being used to attract, motivate, engage and retain employees? As an HR professional, what might you suggest the organization do differently? Please submit with your paper the name of the organization, whom you interviewed (if any) and the list of the benefits (with notes) offered and any relevant links.

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