Finish the derivation of E-field for the infinite line by taking the second limit (with z going to negative infinity) and substituting the results of both limits back into the equation.
Use the provided MATLAB script E_field_InfLine.m (in Files/SCRIPTS) and adjust the expression for distance r in it to plot field’s magnitude. Include the resultant plot into your submission and briefly describe what you observe in it.
Go over the paper Efield_meas_paper.pdf (in Files/HANDOUTS) and compare, qualitatively, the shapes of E-field as functions of distance- one shown in the paper, and one resultant from our solution. Comment about your observations.

X and Y are arrays in that MATLAB script. Operations on arrays should be preceded by a dot, e.g.: X.^2 to produce an element-by-element squaring of all components in X.



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