1.  In evaluating the validity and practical use of the seven Barcelona Principles, which ones do you consider the most important for effective evaluation of a PR campaign?
A.      Which ones would you consider the least important?
B.      Would you add any new global PR evaluation principles to the list?
2. From your reading of the ethical discussion of independence in PR practice, how can this ethical value be best implemented by PR professionals?
3. What key lessons did you learn from the textbook case study about “The Agency?”   Did they properly apply the seven Barcelona principles?
What would you recommend to other PR practitioners from the case study?
4.After reading and reflecting on the two drafts of the professor’s case study of the launch of Fox TV, evaluate the effectives of the launch publicity plan and execution.
What did the team do right?  What did the team do wrong?  What could the team have done differently?


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