Grassroots lobbying is considered ‘indirect’ compared to ‘direct’ lobbying…What makes it so attractive to various groups is that there are virtually no rules or regulations. The tools of this sort of lobbying are advocacy advertising, toll-free phone lines…websites and computerized direct mail aimed at generating phone calls and letters from the public to…governmental regulatory agencies…Grassroots lobbying also involves coalition building.

Source: (Wilcox, et. al. (2015). Public Relations Strategies and Tactics. Toronto: Pearson. p. 512-513).The two-part assignmentrequires youtowrite both a brief literature review and to analyze an interest group’s grassroots lobbying strategies.

1.Literature Review:Address the following research question by completing an academic literature review.What is grass roots lobbying,how is it related to PR and how does it impact civil society?

In Part One, ensure that yourbrief literature reviewcontains no fewer than 8references (fourmust be academic)from credible resources you find.

Ensure your sources are as recentas possible. Use in-text citations and a reference list, all according to APA format, length of approximately 750words (3 pages) using 12-point, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing.

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