1.You are treating a patient with a diagnosis of postoperative ACL reconstruction using the central one-third bone-patellar tendon-bone autograft. In addition, the patient also had a repair of the medical meniscus. It is 1 week after surgery. Develop a continuum of progressive rehabilitation (critical-pathway, -criterion-based rehabilitation program) that follows the maximum-, moderate-, and minimumprotection phase concept of recovery. Based on your knowledge of soft-tissue injury and repair, be certain your program of rehabilitation is consistent with the overlapping phases of injury repair. For each phase of healing, identify and recommend appropriate agents for pain and swelling management. For each phase, list exercises, ROM, muscle contraction types, weight bearing status, open and closed kineticchain exercises, cardiovascular fitness, general physical conditioning, balance-coordination-proprioception drills, and return to functional activities. What effect does the meniscal repair have on the development of this particular rehabilitation program? How would this program be different if the meniscus were not injured? What modifications in this program would be necessary if the ACL were not injured and just the meniscus was repaired?

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