Choose a research a Network Service below. Prepare a 3-5 page research paper on the topic of your
choice. Remember to write about the topic from a network perspective. You will use 12-Point, Times New
Roman font, double-spaced. Please use APA or MLA style including in-text citations and a works-cited.
Wifi (802.11)
Ethernet (802.3)
Network topics as applied to gaming (PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, PC, etc)
Software as a Service
Cloud Computing
Or an approved networking related topic
What is the topic?
Give a history of the topic.
Why it was/is needed?
What does it do?
Is there any specific hardware needed?
Is the technology effective?
Has it ever failed?
Are there any security flaws?
What are the Pros?
What are the Cons?
What is the future of the technology, if any?






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