The second essay is due on November 6 and you are to write about the influence of social media in American government, specifically presidential campaigns and administrations. Below are some guidelines for the paper: Organization of the Essay 1) Introduction – Your introduction should tell the reader (me) exactly what you are going to write about in the essay. Your last sentence of the introduction can actually read, “In this essay I will discuss…” That will help you organize your essay. As you are writing the body of the essay, you can go back to the introduction to make sure you are covering the points you want to make. The introduction is a guide and the foundation for the entire essay. 2) Review and reference several books, articles and other periodicals related to social media, the electoral process and presidential administrations. 3) Explain how campaign strategists have utilized social media in the past several elections, how social media has impacted public opinion and discuss how recent presidential candidates have utilized social media. 4) Provide your opinion on which Presidents has most effectively utilized social media during his administration. 5) Conclusion – Your conclusion should summarize what you discussed in the essay and conclude some summarizing remarks. Reminders 1) Please remember that a scholarly essay has an Introduction, a Body and a Conclusion. 2) Please utilize APA writing style (refer to the APA Manual or other sources available on the internet, such as Purdue OWL). Most importantly, note how to cite work in the essay. The basic rule of thumb is that your own thoughts and opinions do not need to be cited, but everything else needs to be cited. Even if you are not directly quoting someone, but utilizing their words, it needs to be cited. 3) There is a lot of information about this topic. I suggest choosing at least two outside sources to help develop your thoughts and opinions. 4) Good writing is concise. 4-5 pages is about right for this essay, but I am not looking for an exact length. However, 2 pages is probably too short and 8 pages is probably too long. 5) Please double space and utilize Times New Roman, size 12 font. A couple of questions have been raised about writing in APA style. First, you do not need to include an abstract for this type of essay. Abstracts are utilized in research papers in which statistical data is being analyzed. Second, the title page and reference page do not count as part of the body of the essay. Therefore, when I suggest how long an essay should be, I am alluding to the body of the essay, not including the title page and the reference page

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