Subject: Organisational Behavior Assignment – Level 7
Program: M.B.A
Professor: Ibrahim El-Ashy
Deadline: 01 November 2020
Kindly note that:
– All points are to be discussed in 2000 words.
– Plagiarism (copy and paste from the internet or other resources) should not exceed 20%.
– All assignments are to be in Word form, and Font Size is 12.
– No PDFs will be accepted.
You have applied for a managerial position as a Business Development Manager in a large retail
Following shortlisting you have been asked to attend for interview. Prior to the interview you need
to send in a written portfolio which will help the interview panel to establish your suitability for the
Task 1 – Written Portfolio
You must prepare a portfolio of evidence which includes:

an analysis of the characteristics of different organisational structures
an explanation of how the culture of an organisation can impact on the effectiveness of the
an assessment of the impact of learning on the effectiveness of employees
an evaluation of how working in teams can improve employee effectiveness.

Extension activities:
To gain a merit grade you must also include in your portfolio analysis of:
 How different leadership behaviors impact on organisations.
To gain a distinction grade you must also include in your portfolio analyses of:
 The process and outcomes of change on the effectiveness of employees.
Task 2
You know that questions from the panel will ask for your views on certain management theories. In
preparation make detailed notes which:

evaluate different leadership behavior theories
analyse theories relating to work relationships and interactions.

Extension activities:
To gain a merit grade you must:

Evaluate the relevance of organisational culture theory in developing organisational

Task 3 – Presentation with accompanying notes
You are to make a presentation to the interview panel as part of the selection process. You should
prepare a presentation with accompanying notes which shows how organisations can motivate
employees in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
In the presentation and the accompanying notes, you must:

analyse the benefits and issues with involving employees in organisational decision making
Explain different ways to motivate employees.

Extension activities:
To gain a merit grade you must provide an accompanying handout for distribution to each member
of the panel. The handout must:
 analyse how motivational theory can inform employee motivation.
To gain a distinction grade, using a business organisation of your choice, you must:
 Evaluate how a named organisation of your choice motivates its employees.

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