Examination of emerging forms of leadership, influence and power, chaos and collaboration. The course will provide information to analyze multiple organizations within the private and public sectors and will draw upon diverse perspectives, ethical considerations, and applied approaches. Participate in experiential approaches to learning leadership skills which may include the classroom as a temporary organization to be examined in real-time.
Evaluate leadership theory and integrate diverse perspectives into real-world applications.
Integrate interdisciplinary perspectives into strategies applied within modern and diverse organizations.
Develop leadership skills to include dialogue and the practices of a learning organization.
Apply critical thinking skills to analyze organizational frames based on case studies.
Compare and contrast leadership strategies within the public and private sectors and organization structures.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2017, October 26). The value of systems thinking – Video (10 mins)
Dialogue skills for modern leadership approaches; the same as debate skills? How do we guide others to develop deep levels of humanity in self and others?






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