Create a report for an article exactly using the instructions stated
Step 1: Create an introduction of the article IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
Step 2: Create a Summary of the article IN YOUR OWN WORDS
Step 3: You will critique the article according to these instructions:
Create a TABLE, named “Strengths and weaknesses”
The row titles of the table will be the critique of: Problem Definition,
Develop Approach in terms of [Research question, hypothesis, and literature review],
Research Design [what type of data is necessary, variables, etc],
Data collection [did he make proper data collection, what type of data is used, etc],
Data analysis, and finally conclusion. (Conclusion includes future recommendation to the research) Note: from Problem Definition until conclusion falls under “critiquing strengths and weaknesses of these points”.
Again, you will create a table including all these points and sub-points designed by yourself, critiquing each point under its title, based on strengths and weaknesses.
Finally, please include references.
State as much sources as needed if you have used external ones.
Note: please don’t focus on using really complex English, but rather focus on applying the instructions exactly as they are. Especially the S&W critique TABLE.


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