In the final phase of the Database Design Proposal assignment, you are required to design a working prototype of the proposal. You will be required to utilize SQLite Database.

The SQLite database is a small, lightweight database application, suited for learning SQL and database concepts, or to just explore some database-related ideas without requiring a full-blown database management system (DBMS). Refer to “Supplement: SQL Examples for SQLite Database,” for the link to the SQLite Database download and examples.

The working prototype should include the following:

Provide a brief synopsis (utilizing research from related assignments) analyzing the detailed requirements of your prototype database design and how it would be used to support data warehousing, reporting and mining
Design a database prototype that includes diagrams, data dictionary, design decisions, limitations, etc. The database should consist of at least four tables, two different user roles, and two reports. (Please focus on the problem statement). Problem Statement Pharmaceutical drugs are essential towards delivery of patient centered care. With development of technological systems in health care, clinical facilities and Pharmaceutical companies work together to achieve a common goal of ensuring patients receive proper treatment. Although the main goal is to ensure quality care, issues such as medical errors can be very detrimental towards patient health and compromise a successful treatment. SGT. Rodriguez had just returned home from deployment with a damaged knee. He’d been prescribed several medications in Iraq prior to going to the Pharmaceutical clinic in his home town. His Physician in Iraq transferred all his current health data, so the Pharmacist was able to easily have access to his EHR. SGT. Rodriguez received his meds and went home without checking if he had actually been given the right medication. Upon arrival at home, he quickly took out the medication for his afternoon meds and realized he had been given another person’s prescriptions.
Also focus on the rubric. FOLLOW THE RUBRIC. This assignment must be 100% per the requirements of the rubric. If you have ANY additional questions, be sure to let me know. I will be available for any questions.


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