Watch the videos:

Chang’s video on Globalization:


What is wrong with the Euro


“The Business of Offshoring and Outsourcing.”


Complete one of the following exercises in your initial response.

1. What does Chang say about Labor issues related to Globalization. Compare Chang’s discussion to your textbook discussion of the effects of International Trade on jobs and the labor force. Find and summarize an article about labor-related immigration. Make sure to include a link to the article.

2. What are Multilateral Trade Agreements and Free Trade Zones? Compare your textbook section to Chang and Kelton’s comments about trade agreements and the Eurozone? Find and summarize the key points from a news article that discusses trade agreements and Free Trade Zones. Make sure to include a link to the article.

3. What is off-shoring and how does that practice relate to international trade? Why has off-shoring increased over the past few decades? Find an example from a recent news article about the economic consequences of off-shoring For credit you must provide a link to your article and provide a short summary.


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