Describe the criminogenic risk factor and then analyze it

Purpose: This report is based on the research you conduct on any criminogenic risk factor tied to criminality. You can choose from any of the following criminogenic factors (these are most highly correlated with criminality):

1.  Antisocial behaviour (exploitive, aggressive or harmful behaviour toward others)

2.  Antisocial personality pattern (impulsive, sensation seeking, risk taking, aggressive, manipulative and exploitive)

3.  Antisocial cognition (values, beliefs, feelings and thoughts that contribute to personal identity that favors and reinforces criminal behaviour

4.  Antisocial peers (preferring to associate with pro-criminal peers and isolation from anti-criminal peers and social contexts)

5.  Family (chaotic and poor-quality family relationships that have minimal or no pro-social expectations regarding crime and substance use)

6.  School/work (poor performance and limited engagement with school or work resulting from dissatisfaction and avoidance of them)

7.  Leisure and recreation (limited involvement in anti-criminal leisure activities)

8.  Substance abuse (use and abuse of alcohol and / or drugs)

Your task is to describe the criminogenic risk factor and then analyze it (what makes the risk factor a criminological problem). Keep the focus on Canada.

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