Theoretical frameworks on family interactions and child therapy

This is a paper that is focusing on the theoretical frameworks on family interactions and child therapy. The paper also provides the outline to use in this assignment paper.

Theoretical frameworks on family interactions and child therapy

PSY3RTP: Relationships: Theory and Practice.

Case Study Assignment 2.
Aim of the Case Study
To explore the theoretical framework that would enable us to understand what is happening in the case study and to then outline the interventions necessary to assist the family.

When you have completed this assignment you will be able to:
1. Firstly, define the theoretical frameworks that have been applied to understand family interactions and child therapy
2. Secondly, identify specific features of the family interactions in relation to the theories.
3. Thirdly, outline the behaviours that would be targeted for treatment.
4. Fourthly, complete a report for submission as the assignment.

Outline of the Exercise
1. First read your lecture notes and the essential readings from the ‘Parent-Child Relationships and Child Wellbeing’ lectures (A/Prof Jordana Bayer).
2. Complete any additional research and reading that you need to do before undertaking the assignment.
3. Read the fictitious interview with “Barrett family” from the perspective of a therapist. Complete the following activity sheet. You might have to use your imagination in places but base it on your understanding of the family you get from their responses to the interview.

Theoretical frameworks on family interactions and child therapy

Preparing Your Report.
1. Firstly, prepare your responses to the activity sheet and include them in your report.

2. Secondly, your report will include:
a. An introduction in which you introduce the topic of the case study and describe the aim of the assignment;
b. The main section, representing your responses to the activity sheet;
c. A conclusion, outlining your views on the strengths and possible weaknesses of the theories and interventions in child and family therapy.

3. Thirdly, submit the assignment, written in approved American Psychological Association (APA) style, by the due date.

4. Lastly, maximum length of the submission should be 1000 words.
1. Can you tell me about who is in your family?
Mr/s Barrett are 39 years old and 35 years old. They have been married for 5 years and have 1 child, who is 4 years old. Both parents now work part-time and try to equally share parenting responsibilities.
Mrs Barrett started back at work this year and feels anxious and guilty about placing their daughter in childcare. She has been a fussy sensitive baby since she was born, needing lots of attention and soothing. Mr/s Barrett are considering whether or not to have another baby.
Continuation in the attachment

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