The ABC structured business systems requirements analysis

This is a paper that is focusing on the ABC structured business systems requirements analysis. The paper also provides additional tasks to do writing this assignment paper.

The ABC structured business systems requirements analysis

Purpose of this assignment: To be able to carry out a structured analysis of business systems requirements and also to be able to design business systems solutions.

ABC is an international chain of  hypermarkets that sells a wide range of products. As the world is dealing with a pandemic, their normal operations are getting affected. They should take measure to follow the government guidelines, handle panic buying by customers and also manage the increase in demand for online shopping

The manager of the company feels that there are some issues with the service that they offer at present and wants to improve it. You have been asked to take over the investigation and also complete the analysis and design for the system that will support the demands of the new scenario.

Tasks 1
Firstly, you are to carry out an investigation of the current system of online shopping and the problems that are faced by the customers and the management by conducting a survey with an interview or a questionnaire.
Create a DFD of the current system, analyse the input, process and output

Tasks 2
Secondly, using the investigation materials, produce a requirements specification for the new system which solves the flaws of the present system:
data dictionary
logical DFDs for the ‘To-Be’ system
process descriptors
screen designs
report layouts.

The ABC business systems requirements analysis

Add a new customer slot management system for smooth handling of deliveries

In addition, be creative and suggest alternative solutions and undertake a cost–benefit analysis (separate ‘soft’ benefits from ‘hard’ ones).
– To get M2 report must contain recommendations and also suggestion for alternative solutions
– To get D1 your report must contain cost and benefit analysis.

Tasks 3
Thirdly, you have previously developed a full requirement specification.  For this task you are to produce up on what you previously created and create a design specification that consist of the following:
Input and output screen shots.
Data dictionary
ER Diagram
Structured English for at least one process

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