Response to the 2017 documentary episode “Borderlands”

You will compose an essay in response to the 2017 documentary episode “Borderlands” from the PBS series Lost LA directed by Elia Urquiza, produced for KCET.

Response to the 2017 documentary episode “Borderlands”

Purpose: To demonstrate your understanding of the Student Learning Outcomes of this course, you will compose an essay in response to the 2017 documentary episode “Borderlands” from the PBS series Lost LA directed by Elia Urquiza, produced for KCET.

Task and Guidelines: For this final essay, you will write a minimum 2-page essay response in which you will summarize, analyze, and synthesize the film:

Present the rhetorical situation of the film. For the text summary, make sure to include the author and the text’s genre. Who is the audience? Name specific groups. What are the messages, themes, and issues presented, and what is the film’s thesis?


Firstly, What is the author’s purpose (to inform/educate, to entertain, to persuade)? Oftentimes there is more than one purpose.

Secondly, How does the author demonstrate this purpose?

Thirdly, Identify and analyze the rhetorical devices (use the same guide from the midterm) and means of persuasion (ethos, pathos, logos) used to inform/educate, entertain, or influence/persuade the audience.

Fourthly, What are some of the different ways the San Gabriel Mission is remembered by people today?

Further, How do the Tongva people view the mission?

Additionally, Why does Toypurina become remembered as the leader of the rebellion?

Moreover, After the rebellion, Toypurina gets baptize d and marries a Spanish soldier.

Finally, How does this change the way we might remember Toypurina? Who was Jose Maria Pico? What does his story tell us about race and power in early California?

Firstly, What issues does Urquiza tackle with regards to reporting the history of Los Angeles?

Secondly, How does she demonstrate a global concern connected with the plight of indigenous people?

Thirdly, Compare and/or contrast issues/themes from “Borderlands” with any text we have read this semester.

Fourthly, What have we learned about how different groups interacted with each other in early Los Angeles and California?

Further, Overall, how were indigenous people viewed and treated?
Conclude: What is the “so what” of this film? Why should the audience care?
Grading: The final is worth 100 points.

You will be graded on:

Focus: Is the writing clear in identifying the rhetorical situation and means of persuasion?

Organization: Does your essay have structure and flow in a logical manner?

Support: Does your evidence (quotes/summary) directly connect to your thesis?

Language/Style/Mechanics: Did you write in an appropriate tone with specific and precise language? Is it mostly free of grammatical errors?

Assignment Fulfilment: Did you respond to all parts of the prompt?

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