The effects on USA employment in the textile industry

This is a paper that is focusing on the effects on USA employment in the textile industry. The paper also provides further instructions to use in writing the assignment paper.

The effects on USA employment in the textile industry

“Effects on USA employment in the textile industry after globalization eliminates the ability to compete in a global market where legal minimum wages vary by country”.
Firstly, remember to use strict APA format, including an abstract, title page, page numbers, headings, conclusion and proper references.


Secondly, follow the guidelines for creating your PowerPoint slides and use the examples provided in Blackboard to avoid: small fonts, crowded slides, improper graphics (see # 3 below) and too much background data.


Thirdly, powerPoint slides MUST highlight key models and findings from your Term Paper/Research Project.


Fourthly, graphics should be with appropriate scale, clearly legible in the paper and also in a PowerPoint, and should always use zero as the arch and – this means a chart of stock prices doesn’t start at 50 and show the stock doubling from 50 to 100.


Use the primary tools from the text: supply & demand, elasticity, marginal costs,

MR=MC, short run vs. long run equilibrium, industry types, pricing models, etc.
Remember that many of the models you might choose to use will require a comparison with other firms or industries.
Must compare firms, or industries, or time periods, or different outcomes from pricing strategies.


This is a project of economic analysis using models from the text, not a descriptive term paper or re-telling of a story of text case.


Some basic types of projects would include analysis of (1) pricing tools. (2) types of costs (fixed vs. variable, short run vs. log run). (3) oligopoly strategies. (4) industry exit and barriers to entry. (5) marginal cost and profit maximization examples.


Incorporate the section on price floors and price ceilings.

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