Description of the Micro or Macroeconomic issue or problem

This is a paper that is focusing on the description of the Micro or Macroeconomic issue or problem. The paper also provides steps to follow in writing the assignment paper.

Description of the Micro or Macroeconomic issue or problem

ECON 1101. 100 Points

Instruction for Research Paper Project
The focus of your research paper is to describe a Micro/Macroeconomic issue/problem that you know exists in the world today. You will need to explain the problem with graphs and charts and describe what is being done currently to solve the problem. You can also offer your original/unique solutions to fix the problem. Steps:

1.     The first step is to identify a topic for your research paper. Your topic should identify either a Macroeconomic or Microeconomic issue that is being studied through this term in this class. Some suggestions are: Problem of unemployment, determinants of economic growth, why do some countries suffer low economic growth, globalization and keeping jobs in America, Monopoly and Welfare loss etc.

2.     You could also choose any topic/problem that is relevant to your work/internship or a career that you are working towards.

3.     Please make sure you narrow your area of research so that your chosen topic is as specific as possible, if in doubt about your topic please talk to your instructor.

4.     Using your knowledge of the relevant economic concepts learnt in class, you will need to concisely put together a 2-3 page research paper that would explain in detail the issue that you researching ( the problem or the concern that you have chosen)

5.     You will need to discuss what is being done at present to solve the problem. also if you think those steps are insufficient you will need to propose some original solutions of your own!

6.     Your research paper should be 2-3 pages long and in APA or MLA style. Your MAIN SOURCE of information should be the Textbook (OpenStax) and Odigia (Online Learning Companion)

7.     All research papers should have a Title page and a work cited page.

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