“I got a bad grade because” cause or effect research paper

This is a paper that is focusing on the “I got a bad grade because” cause or effect research paper. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

“I got a bad grade because” cause or effect research paper

Requirements: MLA format, double-spaced, 3-4 pages (750-1000 words) plus
a Works Cited Page


Cause/Effect is any argument that uses the term because in it. If you argue “I got a bad grade because…” then you are emphasizing the Causes. If you argue “Because I got a bad grade, these things happened” then you are emphasizing the effects. Most cause/effect essays will reflect one side or the other of the equation, not both. Trying to explain both causes AND effects for an argument can become quite lengthy, quite quickly. If you want to concentrate and both, consider saving those ideas for the next assignment, the research paper.

To produce an acceptable cause/effect essay, the writer should:
— Utilize grammatically appropriate sentence structures
— Choose a topic that has at viable necessary cause, a viable sufficient cause, or both
— Organize the essay around a cause/effect argument utilizing direct evidence
— Use appropriate paragraph breaks to control the flow of information
— Use transitions both within and between the paragraphs
— Develop and explain the essay content completely
— Communicate a clear and specific purpose to an audience
— Incorporate evidence from outside sources ethically, effectively, and appropriately
— Include all of your prewriting assignments in folder with your peer-response forms for

The cause or effect argumentative essay assignment

Option 1: Traditional

Pick a subject from current events and explain the causes and/or effects associated with that event. For example, with the war in Iraq, a student could write an essay trying to explain what cause the fighting, with those causes being immediate past, or ranging back into long-term history. An effect based essay could discuss the potential effects on Middle Eastern stability, or the damages caused by left-over road-side bombs or children growing up underneath the threat of suicide bombings.

A good way to find this type of subject is to sit down with a month or two of your favorite news magazine or several weeks’ worth of your favorite newspaper and look for a subject that is discussed in several articles during that timeframe. As long as it is discussed in several articles, it should be a complex enough subject to support a paper.

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