Using e-portfolio to represent a company media kit assignment

This is a paper that is requiring the student using e-portfolio to represent a company media kit assignment. The paper also provides additional guidelines to use in the writing and submission of this assignment paper.

Using e-portfolio to represent a company media kit assignment

In this assignment, you will create a three-part digital media kit for a real organization. This media kit will be creation as part of your online ePortfolio.

A media kit is a document distributed to the media to represent your organization and inspire journalists and influencers to profile your action, event or initiative in print, online, or broadcast media. Digital media kits present this information in an online format.

Your media kit should present information about a real or imagined action, initiative, or event from a real-world company of your choice. This initiative should reflect the company’s brand, and also present a positive image of your company to the public.

Each part should be on a separate page of your e-portfolio.

Using e-portfolio to represent a company media kit assignment

This media kit should consist of three parts:

a) a press release (400-500 words) for an organization’s action, initiative, or event

b) a fact sheet (minimum 10 bullet points) for the same action, initiative, or event outlined in the press release

c) up to 2 media assets with captions, author credit, and also usage rights

You may cover any event, action, or initiative that you wish, but it must be to a real organization. You may prepare a media kit for the same organization as in your first press release assignment. But it should present a different action, event, or initiative. As with the earlier press release assignment, this media kit should not be a copy of an existing media kit. It may be helpful to choose a little-known or underrecognized initiative: how can you interest the media in this initiative with your media kit? How can you demonstrate a way in which this initiative could be communicate to the public with an interesting angle in a blog post?

When editing this digital media kit in your ePortfolio, it is important to remember it is up to you to ensure the colors, fonts, icons and also images suit the tone, message, audience, and purpose of your media kit as you have the option to change these features.

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